The history of the company starts from student idea. It specializes in launching new products for any market. Since it requires irrepressible energy, creative, new techniques and technology.  The element of novelty is the support of company team. This constant flow of know-how allows us to be successful wherever our services are required. 

Starting with the perfume and cosmetic trends, we are engaged in sale of footwear, chocolates, amber products, liquid polymer film, energy saving lamps, exotic juices and tea collection, Czech beer, building septa and etc is no less enthusiastic. Work on the organization and running of the enterprises with full range of objectives for project organization is the most interesting product that has been and still remains.  Also the formation of staff, development, filling staff's spirit and distinctive form is no less interesting product.

The structure of corporation «INSIGHT”

Finding and making competitive advantages we look for heart of the matter, take into consideration time and opportunities, compare strengths and needs, come up with innovations and calculate risks. Insight is the idea, discovery, lateral thinking, scientific and inner light. Therefore:

INSIGHT is 100% search, innovation, uniqueness, and that many more… More than 20 years of experience in various fields helping our friends, colleagues and clients to become economically stronger company have a lot of competencies which underlie the formation of their own specialized areas:

  • INSIGHT Lighting  - Complex lighting solutions
  • INSIGHT Interio - Complex supply of interior materials
  • INSIGHT Construction - Construction of commercial and industrial turnkey facilities
  • INSIGHT Engeneеring -Manufacture and supply of engineering equipment    
  • INSIGHT Multiservice  - Service support of  bargains 
  • INSIGHT Agro - Work with Section supply of electrical equipment in  greenhouse complexes
  • INSIGHT Consulting   - Complex consulting support of the enterprises
  • INSIGHT Investment  - Export financing of projects

Each of these areas have inherited a piece of the whole and eventually acquired its own characteristics. Today all directions are united one target group of customers in the person of Large Eventual Customers.

We are always glad to share the experience, knowledge and opportunities more than requires under contract as we strongly believe that the best part of living is loving and giving. We are sure that we will more rich in all respects if we share.  We are confident that we are on the beam, if only because we constantly benefit people.